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Autumn Basil Bounty? Pesto!

  It’s been a banner year for basil around here — regular rain and moderate temperatures have left us with a big, beautiful plant loaded with those fragrant green leaves that speak summer to me. Now is the moment for pesto — pesto for tonight’s pasta supper and pesto for the freezer to enjoy during frigid […]

Freezer Pesto -- step-by-step
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How Project 333 and The Vivienne Files Unleashed My Inner Shopper

  Last winter, three things conspired together to form a perfect storm in my mind — a significant portion of my wardrobe no longer fit (this was a good thing),  I stumbled across a blog called Project 333, and I came across another blog called The Vivienne Files. I’ll wait while you go exploring at these […]

How Project 333 and The Vivienne Files Unleashed My Inner Shopper
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Is September Your Real New Year?

Until September, 1972, I lived a contented, slow-paced life on the farm with my stay-at-home mommy and pilot daddy and little sister and baby brother. Then I went to kindergarten, and my world expanded suddenly and gloriously. The classroom was a wonder — it was decorated with large, colorful cut-outs of happy children skipping toward […]

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In Which I Reveal My Blogging Angst, Ask for Help, and Make a Promise

  So, writing. Yeah, been taking a break from most of that. And don’t ask me why, because I really don’t have a definitive answer. Blogging can become kind of relentless, and for me it started to feel like I had to document my life more than live it, which is not cool. Probably the […]

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Goals for the 2013 Hibernating Season

Winter is well and truly here, hibernating season for me. While I try not to think of any part of my life as a period when I have to “pass the time,” winter is the season when I am most likely to feel that way. I admit to waiting for daffodils, soft air, and no-need-for-gloves. […]

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Christmas is Coming: the Sane, Serene, and Satisfying Holiday Plan

The seductive period of the holiday season has arrived. We are in full planning mode – thinking of gifts to procure, treats to make, activities to arrange, and halls to deck, but Christmas Day itself is still a few weeks away. “Keep things fresh!” “Brighten up your holiday!” “Sparkle!” Pinterest and the ladies mags egg […]

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Cheer for Chutney + Winner Announced

Chutney, relish, conserves, and jellies have all but disappeared from most of our everyday dinner tables, but they were a fixture in days gone by, especially at times of year when fresh produce was in short supply. I think these cheery little tastes ought to be brought back to the table more often, but at […]

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5 Things You Can Do This Week for a Happy(er) Thanksgiving Next Week + Giveaway!

Thanksgiving is among my favorite holidays, but the days are long gone when all it required of me was a healthy appetite and the willingness to be kissed by various relatives. Let’s face it — Thanksgiving is a project, a large one for some and a smaller one for others, but a project that requires […]

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Past Blast: Applesauce Canning Day

October 19, 2005: Yesterday was our family’s annual (or sometimes biennial if we make enough) Applesauce Canning Day. This time, we processed 35 quarts plus kept about 7 quarts fresh in the fridge, which we decided not to can because we were pooped and it was getting late. We live right in the middle of […]

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The Nostalgia of Tomatoes and Culinary Tradition

Garrison Keillor said autumn is the season of nostalgia, and truer words have not been spoken. In the warm sunshine of this early October day, I worked in the yard for a couple of hours. Part of it was puttery work, and part was hot and sweaty. I pulled out the tomato vines – in […]

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