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Flow: Lose Yourself in Something Now and Then

Many people call it flow. Athletes call it being in the zone. I call it a Very Good Thing, a state of grace, a blessing. What is flow? Wikipedia says flow “is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, […]

Flow: For Good Mental Health, Lose Yourself in Something Now and Then
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Parenting for Lazy People: Acknowledge Wants, Parent for Needs

  Every child gives his or her parents multiple opportunities per day to practice wants vs. needs parenting: I want a popsicle! I want to take Prunella’s toy! I want to stay up! I want to go to the dance! I want an iPad! Wise parents hear these wants and send them through their Needs Filter: I […]

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The Thing that Made Me Climb on Top of the Booth at Outback Steakhouse and Cheer

First, I must tell you that I have never climbed on top of a booth at a restaurant unless I did it as a very young child, and if I did it then I am sure my good parents commanded me to get down instantly or receive a spanking. Yesterday I broke a decades-long history […]

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Life for Lazy People – Defining the Vocabulary of Lazy Productivity

  What Does It Mean? Lazy productivity means wanting to achieve excellence – because it is not in fact simply laziness, which would be very foolish – but wanting to get there as easily as possible. It means figuring out and doing what is vital for great results without adding in a lot of extra work […]

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Goals for the 2013 Hibernating Season

Winter is well and truly here, hibernating season for me. While I try not to think of any part of my life as a period when I have to “pass the time,” winter is the season when I am most likely to feel that way. I admit to waiting for daffodils, soft air, and no-need-for-gloves. […]

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Past Blast: Reality Check

From 2006: Discipline is remembering what you want. –David Campbell That line has been rolling around in my head since I read it in my daily essay a couple of days ago. I think this is the ultimate challenge of discipline for adults. (Most children don’t yet know what they want, so discipline must be […]

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Past Blast: Fake It Til You Make It?

From my journal, Dec., 2008: Contentment: I struggle with contentment at this time of year. I realize I am more materialistic than I wish to be – I wish I had piles of money to buy lavish gifts for loved ones, and let’s be honest, I wouldn’t mind a few little piles to replace my […]

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Family Matters: Cultivating Kindness

Recently, I ran across the following in two places, and it struck a chord with me about some ways our family could stand to improve: Showing kindness — Courteous words instead of sharp retorts. Smiles instead of blank looks. Enthusiasm instead of dullness. Response instead of indifference. Warmth instead of coldness. Understanding instead of the […]

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Past Blast: The Happy Camper Returns

October 7, 2000: When last we spoke, I was still an interested but apprehensive virgin camper. We got back from our 2 week vacation tonight (the first seven days we camped) and I am here to report my experiences. We planned to spend two nights in a state park just north of Columbus, OH and then […]

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Cerebral Homemaking Part 8 – Not a Kid Anymore

Other Cerebral Homemaking posts: Part 1: Wrapping My Mind Around My Work  Part 2: Please Lie Down on the Couch and We’ll Begin the Analysis Part 3: Lofty Thinking — About Vision, Philosophy, and the G-Word Part 4: Blast Physics! We Have to Aim Just a  Little Higher Part 5: Time Matters Part 6: We […]

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