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Autumn Basil Bounty? Pesto!

  It’s been a banner year for basil around here — regular rain and moderate temperatures have left us with a big, beautiful plant loaded with those fragrant green leaves that speak summer to me. Now is the moment for pesto — pesto for tonight’s pasta supper and pesto for the freezer to enjoy during frigid […]

Freezer Pesto -- step-by-step
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The Nostalgia of Tomatoes and Culinary Tradition

Garrison Keillor said autumn is the season of nostalgia, and truer words have not been spoken. In the warm sunshine of this early October day, I worked in the yard for a couple of hours. Part of it was puttery work, and part was hot and sweaty. I pulled out the tomato vines – in […]

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Sprucing Up the Porch for Autumn

Summer is winding down, as I have already mentioned. The big blue pots on either side of the front door have been planted up with red geraniums, a vine-y thing, and a looks-like-petunias-but-its-really-something-else-I-can’t-remember-cascade-y thing. They have been pretty accents on the porch, but they have suffered from forgetful watering several times and the stress of […]

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{pretty, happy, funny, real}: Ordinary-Extraordinary

Pretty The anenome ‘September Charm’ has just started to bloom this week. I look forward to these sweet, five-petaled, soft-pink blossoms every year. Happy The tomatoes are finally arriving regularly from the vines. Six weeks or so of tomato-bliss! And, lots of zinnias to cut for the house from a couple of clumps in the […]

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{pretty, happy, funny, real}: Obsessive Gardener Edition

This is all Pretty, Happy, Funny, and Real rolled into one. I dabbled in gardening, messing around with herbs and tomatoes and green beans and the odd petunia, for many years before I really started to get into it about 10 years ago. Like all hobbies that begin to get a little more serious, gardening […]

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Quick! Before It Rains…

Almost all the garden work I do is done in frantic bursts. I rush outside and sprinkle some lettuce seeds in a square section of one of our raised beds. I run out and weed the herbs for fifteen minutes. I quickly mix up some rose spray and douse the bushes before I take a […]

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{pretty, happy, funny, real}: Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head edition

Pretty I always think pansies are such cheerful flowers. These and their matching partners flank our front door. Happy It makes me happy to have gotten these perennials yesterday. They are destined to live on the “back” side of the brick wall my dad built last fall along the side of our property. Funny This […]

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{pretty, happy, funny, real}: In the Garden

Pretty Forget-me-nots have self-seeded themselves for several years in this little bed on the north side of our house. They are surely some of the most cheerful flowers on God’s good earth. Happy I am so happy to see this shrub thriving and showing off its fancy new spring leaf-duds. Or maybe its new hairstyle. […]

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{pretty, happy, funny, real}: Spring (Almost Summer!) Edition

SPRING!!!!!! (Or, almost SUMMER!!!!!)Pretty I know. It’s all Georgia O’Keeffe and everything. I get lost in its center and can’t find my way out. Happy Sandals! No socks! On March 13! I know! It’s all Florida or something — certainly not south-central Pennsylvania… Funny Funny how a little thing like getting one’s hands in some […]

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