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The Thing that Made Me Climb on Top of the Booth at Outback Steakhouse and Cheer

First, I must tell you that I have never climbed on top of a booth at a restaurant unless I did it as a very young child, and if I did it then I am sure my good parents commanded me to get down instantly or receive a spanking. Yesterday I broke a decades-long history […]

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Past Blast: The Happy Camper Returns

October 7, 2000: When last we spoke, I was still an interested but apprehensive virgin camper. We got back from our 2 week vacation tonight (the first seven days we camped) and I am here to report my experiences. We planned to spend two nights in a state park just north of Columbus, OH and then […]

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Past Blast: Alley Cat

From 2008: I love walking through alleys. Well, I must clarify: I love walking through the kinds of alleys that crisscross my town and all of the little towns in my orbit. I am sure there are big-city alleys I would be terrified to traverse, but here in Mayberry, alleys are where it’s at. One […]

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{pretty, happy, funny, real}: Lancaster County Day Trip Edition

My brother and his family and one of my aunts and uncles accompanied us to Lancaster County a few days ago. We went to Roots Auction, ate far too much at Shady Maple restaurant, and drove around the countryside for awhile. Some of us made our way to Hannah’s Quilts, at the farm of our […]

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This Land was Made for You and Me

Why did we take the trouble to drive more than 6,000 miles and across at least 14 states during three weeks? I suppose, like Mr. Simon says, we were looking for America, or at least bits of it we don’t normally encounter in our mid-Atlantic lives. We found it in the ever-changing landscape; even in […]

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Canyon Chills

This has been a blah travel day after a time of glory yesterday. Today: We left Tusayon, AZ just outside Grand Canyon to see Monument Valley and The Four Corners. Kevin felt badly from the time we left – don’t know if he has a stomach bug or what, but it is worse than the […]

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{pretty, happy, funny, real}: Yellowstone!

We are in Yellowstone with all of my side of the family for eight days of celebrating my parents’ fifty years of marriage. The only hard part of doing this post is narrowing down the choices of all that has been pretty, happy, funny, and real this week. Pretty The mineral springs and geysers are […]

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Big Thoughts from a Small Person

During this trip, our plan is to have each of the men take an evening to lead a Bible study or devotional. My brother-in-law, Matt, was first up last night. He took us to Job to think about God’s questions about who Job thought he was to question God, the One who created and supports […]

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Those Badlands Ain’t So Bad!

Driving across South Dakota is a revelation over and over of unexpected landscape. Just when one is  thinking, “Uh-huh: grass, grass, grass. Dotted cows, dotted cows, dotted cows,” one tops a little rise and finds spread out in all directions these incredible swirl-y, mound-y hills that layer and flatten out and rise again. Then it […]

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The “Out West” Trip Begins

Pennsylvania: hills, mountains, trees, hills mountains, trees Ohio: hills, no mountains, trees, open space, shorter hills, still no mountains, fewer trees, more open space Indiana: no hills, no mountains, some trees. I would bike everywhere if I lived here. Illinois: no hills, no mountains, some trees, corn, corn, corn. Oh yes: road construction, road construction, […]

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