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Time Keeps on Slipping, Slipping, Slipping Into the Future

I have been spending a lot of time standing at the stove flipping crepes and standing at the island filling and rolling crepes over the last several days. It has given me plenty of time for that zoned-out, meandering, non-thinking kind of thinking that is too often missing in my life of appointments, facebook, trip-planning, […]

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Balancing Balance Part XII: You Get Just This One Life – Embrace the One You’ve Got!

“Did you hear about that woman who ran off and left her family? She had a husband and little kids and everything. Can you believe that?” Now and then you hear a story about somebody who does that – a woman abandons her family, sometimes for another man, but sometimes for reasons unclear. I had […]

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Balancing Balance Part XI: When Changes Come – Staying Light on My Feet

We have spent a good bit of time in this series talking about how to choose and manage the various activities that make up our lives.  We have thought about how to recognize the ways we spend our time. We have discussed how our personal filters act as gatekeepers to let in worthwhile pursuits and […]

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{pretty, happy, funny, real}: Spring (Almost Summer!) Edition

SPRING!!!!!! (Or, almost SUMMER!!!!!)Pretty I know. It’s all Georgia O’Keeffe and everything. I get lost in its center and can’t find my way out. Happy Sandals! No socks! On March 13! I know! It’s all Florida or something — certainly not south-central Pennsylvania… Funny Funny how a little thing like getting one’s hands in some […]

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Balancing Balance, Part X: The Home Manager’s Biggest Perk

The other posts in the Balancing Balance series: Part I: Embracing the Truth Part II: Personal Filters Part III: Do I Have the Right to Choose My Filters? Part IV: Personal Filters for Life Management Part V: What are Your Family’s Gatekeeper Filters? Part VI: Where Does Your Time Go? Part VII: Categorizing My Life’s […]

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