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Kiss in Front of Your Kids

Kiss in front of your kids. Smooch. Squeeze each other. No, I’m not taking about anything that causes heavy breathing — I’m talking about: Promoting a sense of security that can never be achieved through words alone. Telling your child, “Mommy and Daddy will never get divorced,” doesn’t come close to what they understand by watching you laugh together, speak […]

Why You Should Kiss in Front of Your Kids
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Parenting for Lazy People: Acknowledge Wants, Parent for Needs

  Every child gives his or her parents multiple opportunities per day to practice wants vs. needs parenting: I want a popsicle! I want to take Prunella’s toy! I want to stay up! I want to go to the dance! I want an iPad! Wise parents hear these wants and send them through their Needs Filter: I […]

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In Which I Reveal My Blogging Angst, Ask for Help, and Make a Promise

  So, writing. Yeah, been taking a break from most of that. And don’t ask me why, because I really don’t have a definitive answer. Blogging can become kind of relentless, and for me it started to feel like I had to document my life more than live it, which is not cool. Probably the […]

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Parenting for Lazy People: The Only Thing You Really Have to Teach Your Child

Isn’t it a relief to find out there is only one thing you really have to teach your child? What? You don’t agree? You are thinking about toilet-training and bike-riding and no-hitting and possessions-sharing and friend-choosing and all the myriad character traits and skills good parents ought to instill in their children. Oh, I know […]

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Life for Lazy People – Defining the Vocabulary of Lazy Productivity

  What Does It Mean? Lazy productivity means wanting to achieve excellence – because it is not in fact simply laziness, which would be very foolish – but wanting to get there as easily as possible. It means figuring out and doing what is vital for great results without adding in a lot of extra work […]

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Life for Lazy People: an Introduction

Confession: In my heart, I am a lazy woman. Many times people compliment my energy and productivity, but I realized the truth a long time ago – most of what I do I do because I am trying to get enough accomplished so I can goof off for awhile. I love nothing better than to […]

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Christmas is Coming: the Sane, Serene, and Satisfying Holiday Plan

The seductive period of the holiday season has arrived. We are in full planning mode – thinking of gifts to procure, treats to make, activities to arrange, and halls to deck, but Christmas Day itself is still a few weeks away. “Keep things fresh!” “Brighten up your holiday!” “Sparkle!” Pinterest and the ladies mags egg […]

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Busy? Thanksgiving to-do list getting you down? Thinking with longing of the grocery store’s “Let Us Make Thanksgiving Dinner” deal you didn’t order? Stop. Just stop for a second and think with me: Find your November issue of House Perfectly-Expensively-Over-the-Top-ly Beautiful. Place it on the floor. Take a deep breath. Now, stomp all over it. […]

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App Swap

The other day I got this phone — it is way, way smarter than me, far too much phone for me, “She’s so hi-i-i-igh, high above me”-above-me. I mean to say. So, my phone is of the most-common-fruit variety, in the latest incarnation, and here I am all excited to do things with it and […]

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5 Things You Can Do This Week for a Happy(er) Thanksgiving Next Week + Giveaway!

Thanksgiving is among my favorite holidays, but the days are long gone when all it required of me was a healthy appetite and the willingness to be kissed by various relatives. Let’s face it — Thanksgiving is a project, a large one for some and a smaller one for others, but a project that requires […]

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