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Goals for the 2013 Hibernating Season

Winter is well and truly here, hibernating season for me. While I try not to think of any part of my life as a period when I have to “pass the time,” winter is the season when I am most likely to feel that way. I admit to waiting for daffodils, soft air, and no-need-for-gloves. […]

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Gifts We Already Have

I saw the idea for “Gifts We Already Have” somewhere in Internetland, and I took to it immediately. Made this in about fifteen minutes and stuck it on the wall. I neglected to erase my penciled lettering after I went over it with marker, but sometimes that’s the way life happens around here: “Give us […]

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Mr. and Mrs. Lanza and the Rest of Us: Parenting in the Trenches

I know every person who reads this is wondering, just like I am, how to make sense of a twenty year-old boy-man who, in his anger or contempt of his mother, did not speak disrespectfully to her but shot her in the face, and in his anger or contempt of society, did not write a […]

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{pretty, happy, funny, real}: What-I-Get-Up-to-When-Left-to-My-Own-Devices Edition

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Thursday link-up at Like Mothers, Like Daughters Pretty Happy Funny Real Have you captured some contentment this week? And, when it comes to furniture and life, are you a shake-things-up-now-and-then or a settle-on-a-scheme-and-leave-it-alone person?

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Past Blast: Fake It Til You Make It?

From my journal, Dec., 2008: Contentment: I struggle with contentment at this time of year. I realize I am more materialistic than I wish to be – I wish I had piles of money to buy lavish gifts for loved ones, and let’s be honest, I wouldn’t mind a few little piles to replace my […]

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App Swap

The other day I got this phone — it is way, way smarter than me, far too much phone for me, “She’s so hi-i-i-igh, high above me”-above-me. I mean to say. So, my phone is of the most-common-fruit variety, in the latest incarnation, and here I am all excited to do things with it and […]

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Cheer for Chutney + Winner Announced

Chutney, relish, conserves, and jellies have all but disappeared from most of our everyday dinner tables, but they were a fixture in days gone by, especially at times of year when fresh produce was in short supply. I think these cheery little tastes ought to be brought back to the table more often, but at […]

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5 Things You Can Do This Week for a Happy(er) Thanksgiving Next Week + Giveaway!

Thanksgiving is among my favorite holidays, but the days are long gone when all it required of me was a healthy appetite and the willingness to be kissed by various relatives. Let’s face it — Thanksgiving is a project, a large one for some and a smaller one for others, but a project that requires […]

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Make Your Voice Heard About Something Other Than the Government

You know how it is when you are almost finished with something — redecorating a room, cooking an elaborate meal, making a gift, or writing what ought to be the last installment in a blog series like Cerebral Homemaking — and your deadline looms large and at last you see that you cannot finish in […]

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Past Blast: Applesauce Canning Day

October 19, 2005: Yesterday was our family’s annual (or sometimes biennial if we make enough) Applesauce Canning Day. This time, we processed 35 quarts plus kept about 7 quarts fresh in the fridge, which we decided not to can because we were pooped and it was getting late. We live right in the middle of […]

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