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Flow: Lose Yourself in Something Now and Then

Many people call it flow. Athletes call it being in the zone. I call it a Very Good Thing, a state of grace, a blessing. What is flow? Wikipedia says flow “is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, […]

Flow: For Good Mental Health, Lose Yourself in Something Now and Then
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Parenting for Lazy People: Acknowledge Wants, Parent for Needs

  Every child gives his or her parents multiple opportunities per day to practice wants vs. needs parenting: I want a popsicle! I want to take Prunella’s toy! I want to stay up! I want to go to the dance! I want an iPad! Wise parents hear these wants and send them through their Needs Filter: I […]

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Autumn Basil Bounty? Pesto!

  It’s been a banner year for basil around here — regular rain and moderate temperatures have left us with a big, beautiful plant loaded with those fragrant green leaves that speak summer to me. Now is the moment for pesto — pesto for tonight’s pasta supper and pesto for the freezer to enjoy during frigid […]

Freezer Pesto -- step-by-step
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Is September Your Real New Year?

Until September, 1972, I lived a contented, slow-paced life on the farm with my stay-at-home mommy and pilot daddy and little sister and baby brother. Then I went to kindergarten, and my world expanded suddenly and gloriously. The classroom was a wonder — it was decorated with large, colorful cut-outs of happy children skipping toward […]

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In Which I Reveal My Blogging Angst, Ask for Help, and Make a Promise

  So, writing. Yeah, been taking a break from most of that. And don’t ask me why, because I really don’t have a definitive answer. Blogging can become kind of relentless, and for me it started to feel like I had to document my life more than live it, which is not cool. Probably the […]

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For Lo, the Winter is Past…

It has been a long winter, friends, in more ways than one. The cold endured. Illness and injury endured, for me and several whom I love. Doctor visits endured. Time spent in the hospital with dear ones endured. But, Spring! It comes:   I am so thankful on so many levels and for so many […]

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Five Minute Friday Link-up: What Mama Did

I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker at Tales from a Gypsy Mama today to spend five minutes writing about What Mama Did. Unfortunately, I can’t get her clicky button to work, but you can still get there from here. I enjoyed doing this! You can join in if you like. What Mama Did She worked. […]

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Taking Food

Serving others by taking food to them when they cannot easily provide it for themselves is one of the most basic ways to show care and love. Some may think it unnecessary in our modern time of take-out and delivery and meals-on-wheels, but if you have ever been stranded at home for a week with […]

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Parenting for Lazy People: Use Your Resources

As we said in the last Lazy Parenting essay, children must be ruled – they simply do not arrive equipped to fend for or make wise choices for themselves. If you are the parent, that is your job – to use your resources, wisdom, and experience to provide an environment in which they can flourish. […]

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Book Report: Overdressed — the shockingly high cost of cheap fashion

Done any shopping for clothing lately? I bet you have. Satisfied with your purchase? I lost some weight and in my quest to find a pair of black slacks and a pair of jeans that fit me, I went shopping. I tried on slacks at the Van Heusen outlet, and it made me mad. Is […]

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