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Smashing Squash — 2 Ways to Love the Butternut Darlings

Winter is here by the feeling outside, if not quite yet by the calendar. I don’t get very excited by winter weather, but I do get excited by much of the food of the season, especially butternut squash. Some people are intimidated by that tough skin and the pulpy seed cavity and, I don’t know, […]

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Kitchen Assets: Stock and Cooked Poultry for a Happier Life

I love, love, love having certain foods or ingredients in my refrigerator. They are assets, to my mind, every bit as much as rising stocks or owning land beside the new highway exit ramp. My biggest refrigerator asset this week is a gallon-sized bowl of cooked turkey, but other times it might be a couple […]

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The Best Possible Thing to Happen to a Sweet Potato, and Other Thanksgiving Advice

From 2005 — time flies… First, the other advice. ~Remember, it’s just a meal: Probably nobody but you wants multiple courses, This is an American holiday, and most Americans throw everything except dessert on the table and eat it all at once. Skip the fig and goat cheese crostini appetizers and the cream of chestnut soup. ~Remember, […]

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Fab Friday: 10 Things to Do This Autumn

1. Make a pot of my Autumn-in-a-Bowl Butternut Squash Soup. (It used to be called Butternut Squash Soup with Gingered Cream, but a friend re-named it on the spot when he tasted it several years ago at a potluck soup supper.) 2. Tidy up the garden, but not too much. Leave some standing coneflowers, rudbeckia, […]

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I-Hate-to-Make-Potato-Salad Potato Salad

I am showing you this picture because my dishwasher has died. Again. In memorium. But that’s not what I want to talk about. I have always hated to make potato salad. I don’t like to peel raw potatoes, and don’t tell me to just cook my potatoes whole and the skin will slip right off […]

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Morning Prose

Grey, slow dawn. The low stone wall in the perennial bed is watered by rain so steady and gentle it seems impossible to think of it falling from tens of thousands of feet. Shouldn’t such a journey end in thumps hard enough to crush flowers, rocks, skulls? It is a mercy which has never occurred […]

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A Week of Meals and a Winter Warm-up, Too-easy Stew

It has been a week of bits of company and the last hurrah with our girl before she returned to her regular life on Thursday night. It has been an unplanned third week of homeschool vacation, but nobody complained. It has felt like a necessary holiday-after-the-holiday, in which I even felt motivated to do some […]

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Sunday Stew

During the cold weather months I very often find myself preparing some form of braised beef on Friday or Saturday and serving it for Sunday dinner. It is the ideal meal for when we come home hungry from church, often with guests in tow, and wishing to eat sooner rather than later. It can serve […]

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An Antidote to Lassitude

I have several cooking and household jobs to accomplish today, but I am having trouble with both motivation and organization. “I want a nap, I want a nap, I want a nap” — that is the litany repeating itself insistently within my head. I am trying to ignore it, but it is distracting and a […]

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Memorial Day Cook-In

Memorial Day is usually a pretty big deal for our family. We live near Gettysburg, site of one of the largest Memorial Day parades in the country, and we usually count ourselves among the hot and sweaty (most years) witnesses of it. And, yes, I always cry when the veterans pass by and are applauded […]

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