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5 Things You Can Do This Week for a Happy(er) Thanksgiving Next Week + Giveaway!

Thanksgiving is among my favorite holidays, but the days are long gone when all it required of me was a healthy appetite and the willingness to be kissed by various relatives. Let’s face it — Thanksgiving is a project, a large one for some and a smaller one for others, but a project that requires […]

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Cerebral Homemaking, Part 9: Homemaking is So Daily

It’s totally right for the kitchen to look like this when heavy cooking is happening — the problem comes when we start to accept leaving it that way. “Life is so daily” is a common quotation of uncertain provenance, and it lends itself to endless variation. “Marriage is so daily,” “Parenting is so daily,” “Exercise […]

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Past Blast: Applesauce Canning Day

October 19, 2005: Yesterday was our family’s annual (or sometimes biennial if we make enough) Applesauce Canning Day. This time, we processed 35 quarts plus kept about 7 quarts fresh in the fridge, which we decided not to can because we were pooped and it was getting late. We live right in the middle of […]

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Past Blast: Washing Machine Shopping – a field report

From November, 2007: One of my faithful servants, the washing machine, breathed its last several days ago. I assumed my handy mate would pick up the odd part, rattle around in its bowels, and keep it going for another few years, but it turns out that, as with one’s car, a ruined transmission is an […]

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The Nostalgia of Tomatoes and Culinary Tradition

Garrison Keillor said autumn is the season of nostalgia, and truer words have not been spoken. In the warm sunshine of this early October day, I worked in the yard for a couple of hours. Part of it was puttery work, and part was hot and sweaty. I pulled out the tomato vines – in […]

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Cerebral Homemaking Part 8 – Not a Kid Anymore

Other Cerebral Homemaking posts: Part 1: Wrapping My Mind Around My Work  Part 2: Please Lie Down on the Couch and We’ll Begin the Analysis Part 3: Lofty Thinking — About Vision, Philosophy, and the G-Word Part 4: Blast Physics! We Have to Aim Just a  Little Higher Part 5: Time Matters Part 6: We […]

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Breakfast Burritos for a Crowd (or for one!)

Breakfast Burritos are one of my favorite ways to feed a crowd, a family, or just one or two because everybody who’s anybody loves them. I have made them more than once over the years with the kids in my summer cooking classes, usually paired with fruit smoothies or a fruit salad and they are […]

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Past Blast: Channeling Olivia Walton, and Other Ways My Life Operates

We begin a new series today called Past Blast, in which I plan to share some of my writing from before In My Kitchen, In My Life existed. From 2008: It occurs to me sometimes that I have probably never had an original thought. What I think and what I do is a direct result […]

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My Clothing: Editing, Organizing, Decluttering

Editing, organizing, and decluttering clothing is one of the responsibilities that comes with the blessing of abundance. I doubt my great-grandmothers had to give much time to this chore, but I have found the dressing and laundry parts of my days go much more smoothly if I spend about an hour every few months going […]

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Think Like a Chef

One of the big moments in my evolution as a cook was when I gradually began to think like a chef instead of a recipe collector. I am not talking about taking up molecular gastronomy or wearing a toque and clogs in the kitchen or hiring illegal immigrants to wash dishes and prep produce. I […]

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