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StressLess Holidays: Post-Holiday Debriefing — 10 Minutes, 4 Questions

“Did you have a nice holiday?”      “How was your Thanksgiving?”      “Did you have a good Christmas?” Everywhere you go this time of year, someone is either wishing you a happy holiday or asking how your holiday went. We usually answer the latter with an automatic “Very nice!” or “Great!”, but there […]

StressLess Holidays: Post-Holiday Debriefing -- 10 Minutes, 4 Questions
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Thanksgiving for Lazy People — Make-ahead Turkey and Gravy

In a Facebook discussion about my last post, a friend asked how it is possible for my mom to make the turkey and me to make the gravy at two separate houses. It was revealed that I actually make the gravy at their house before our shared Thanksgiving meal but that Mom makes the turkey […]

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Life for Lazy People — Thanksgiving Prep

It is one short week until Thanksgiving, and I hope you haven’t been waiting for me to tell you to start planning. I have been sick this week, and each day I think, “Tomorrow I’ll work on a grocery list and get to the store,” but tomorrow comes and I’m still here in my yoga […]

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Flow: Lose Yourself in Something Now and Then

Many people call it flow. Athletes call it being in the zone. I call it a Very Good Thing, a state of grace, a blessing. What is flow? Wikipedia says flow “is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, […]

Flow: For Good Mental Health, Lose Yourself in Something Now and Then
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Autumn Basil Bounty? Pesto!

  It’s been a banner year for basil around here — regular rain and moderate temperatures have left us with a big, beautiful plant loaded with those fragrant green leaves that speak summer to me. Now is the moment for pesto — pesto for tonight’s pasta supper and pesto for the freezer to enjoy during frigid […]

Freezer Pesto -- step-by-step
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Taking Food

Serving others by taking food to them when they cannot easily provide it for themselves is one of the most basic ways to show care and love. Some may think it unnecessary in our modern time of take-out and delivery and meals-on-wheels, but if you have ever been stranded at home for a week with […]

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Cerebral Homemaking, Part 10: Keeping the “Stand” in Standards without Losing the “Flex” in “Flexibility” – The No-Go-There Rules

This is the last Cerebral Homemaking article. Here are the others in the series: Part 1: Wrapping My Mind Around My Work Part 2: Please Lie Down on the Couch and We’ll Begin the Analysis Part 3: Lofty Thinking — About Vision, Philosophy, and the G-Word Part 4: Blast Physics! We Have to Aim Just […]

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Goals for the 2013 Hibernating Season

Winter is well and truly here, hibernating season for me. While I try not to think of any part of my life as a period when I have to “pass the time,” winter is the season when I am most likely to feel that way. I admit to waiting for daffodils, soft air, and no-need-for-gloves. […]

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Christmas is Coming: the Sane, Serene, and Satisfying Holiday Plan

The seductive period of the holiday season has arrived. We are in full planning mode – thinking of gifts to procure, treats to make, activities to arrange, and halls to deck, but Christmas Day itself is still a few weeks away. “Keep things fresh!” “Brighten up your holiday!” “Sparkle!” Pinterest and the ladies mags egg […]

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Busy? Thanksgiving to-do list getting you down? Thinking with longing of the grocery store’s “Let Us Make Thanksgiving Dinner” deal you didn’t order? Stop. Just stop for a second and think with me: Find your November issue of House Perfectly-Expensively-Over-the-Top-ly Beautiful. Place it on the floor. Take a deep breath. Now, stomp all over it. […]

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