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Is September Your Real New Year?

Until September, 1972, I lived a contented, slow-paced life on the farm with my stay-at-home mommy and pilot daddy and little sister and baby brother. Then I went to kindergarten, and my world expanded suddenly and gloriously. The classroom was a wonder — it was decorated with large, colorful cut-outs of happy children skipping toward […]

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In Which I Reveal My Blogging Angst, Ask for Help, and Make a Promise

  So, writing. Yeah, been taking a break from most of that. And don’t ask me why, because I really don’t have a definitive answer. Blogging can become kind of relentless, and for me it started to feel like I had to document my life more than live it, which is not cool. Probably the […]

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Sometimes I Feel So Out of Step with My Culture…

…and I am perfectly fine with that. Television Culture: Superbowl Me: Downton Abbey Episode 5 Fashion Culture: Matchy-matchy = No-no! Me: Matchy-matchy = Of course! Dinner Out Culture: McDonalds or sports bar for wings and more TV Me: High-end dining or dive-that-makes-the-best-________ Technology Culture: Angry Birds Me: “Is there a way I can get an […]

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Past Blast: Mayor, Schmayor

From 2009: The first thing you need to know is that all of the following is The Husband’s fault. A little over eight years ago he coerced me into running for mayor of our Tiny Town. I served one four-year term, and then I ran for another and spent the last year debating with myself […]

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Past Blast: Reality Check

From 2006: Discipline is remembering what you want. –David Campbell That line has been rolling around in my head since I read it in my daily essay a couple of days ago. I think this is the ultimate challenge of discipline for adults. (Most children don’t yet know what they want, so discipline must be […]

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Past Blast: Fake It Til You Make It?

From my journal, Dec., 2008: Contentment: I struggle with contentment at this time of year. I realize I am more materialistic than I wish to be – I wish I had piles of money to buy lavish gifts for loved ones, and let’s be honest, I wouldn’t mind a few little piles to replace my […]

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Past Blast: Channeling Olivia Walton, and Other Ways My Life Operates

We begin a new series today called Past Blast, in which I plan to share some of my writing from before In My Kitchen, In My Life existed. From 2008: It occurs to me sometimes that I have probably never had an original thought. What I think and what I do is a direct result […]

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September – Summer’s Swan Song

Summer is winding down. It has been an awfully rich time for my family – a big trip “out west” including a week-long family reunion at Yellowstone National Park to celebrate my parents’ fiftieth anniversary, then home to continue the celebration with a party to honor them, more time with extended family, visits from friends, camps, time alone with The Husband, garden revamp […]

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In Praise of the Middle-Aged Marriage

Yesterday was our twenty-seventh wedding anniversary, and the ways in which The Husband and I spent the day are illustrative of what it means to be at this stage of our lives together. We are together while we are apart. The Husband was at work, doing what he does to help keep the country safe […]

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One Job and One Gift to Yourself (and some rules)

We are decluttering, refreshing, and cleaning our houses as we start the new year. Here are the rules: 1. It is your house. You are in charge. You choose how to apply (or ignore) what we talk about here. There is no test at the end.2. I agree to share what works for me and […]

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