About Me

Me? You are curious about me? Sometimes I think I am defined more by dichotomies than anything else:

–I am nobody important but I am a child of God.

–The Husband once wrote to someone that I am his “sunshine and flowers,” but I know I am the lucky one in this good marriage.

–I homeschooled our three grown and nearly grown kids, but surely I am the one who learned the most.

–I was the mayor of our Tiny Town for twelve years, but I am the most non-political elected official I know.

–One of my favorite things is to cook with quality ingredients like the produce from my garden, but I still love a good corndog.

-I love to teach, but I still have so much to learn.

And I am so pleased to have you visit my blog. It is the place where I write about the things that matter in life – making a real home and inner growth and the best things I know to do with heirloom tomatoes – all the things I think about while I cook and putter and boogie in the kitchen. I hope you find here a boost, an idea, a nudge, or possibly an occasional kick in the pants to keep you going in your life, and I’ll appreciate it if you’ll do the same for me. Thank you for joining in!

Warmly, Lori

  • In My Kitchen, In My Life is a place where women (and the odd male) can be encouraged, nudged, and occasionally kicked in the pants toward living their lives on a higher plane. Oh, and readers get plenty of chances to laugh at the author's foibles, which is always worth a click.

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