For the Record: Why is Patience Never Clearance-Priced?

This is more for me than you, so feel free to move on if your time is more valuable than what’s written here.I have managed to get tendonitis in my “good” shoulder over the last week or so, and at first I just felt like it was so unfair, so too-much-to-be-asked-to-cope-with on top of the thousand-and-two things I have to accomplish before we leave on our big “out West” trip next week. Doing things mostly one-handed takes more than twice as long as having all one’s limbs on board and in service, and I wasn’t at all pleased to plod along.

In a Bible study in which I have been participating we have been looking at James’s instruction to “count it all joy when you fall into various trials,” which to me has always felt like the extra credit assignment in the course of life, one that it would be nice to complete if I could manage it, but really was that even possible and surely if I couldn’t accomplish it my grade wouldn’t be affected too much.

That’s one of those hardly-perceived-but-terribly-self-deceiving kinds of things to think, though.

So, I accepted the nearly-useless arm. I work awhile, and then I sit down awhile. I work awhile, but I ask for help with the carrying and lifting and reaching. I leave some things undone. And I trust the trial is producing patience, as James promised it would. I choose to believe, and things are already better. Funny how that works.

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    I sure hope your test proves you have learned to be patient. The Lord chooses to ‘teach me’ from time to time….if I was a better learner, I could pass this test and move on but, alas, I seem to be stuck here for now. 🙂 I thought I’d offer a few tips that work for me when my arms/back hurt. One: The Miracle Balls- you can find them at a bookstore in a pack with a small book. LOVE them! You just lay on them in certain positions and it realigns your spine! Two: The book called Trigger Point Therapy….there are several, just choose the one for your arm. Exercises and trigger points in which you lay on/roll on a tennis ball against a wall/ect.. I checked it out from the library. Excellent information and brings relief within a few moments. So, if you are looking for a possible cure without taking medications…check them out. If not, just delete…I will never know! 😉 Ha! Enjoy your trip!

  • Your comment is the best part of this blog! Share what’s on your mind here.

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